Busiest MRT Stations in December?

Playing around with the Passenger Volume by Train Stations dataset on LTA DataMall. It’s a pretty cool dataset showing average number of tap ins and tap outs at each station by hour and day type (weekday or weekend). I’ve used the December 2018 data here and done some basic visualizations on Tableau. There’re a couple more interesting datasets, gonna try mix/add more stuff and see how it goes!

A shoutout to Hui Xiang Chua of Data Double Confirm for the awesome compilation of MRT station names and lat longs. Borrowed that for this viz, thanks! (Probably gonna borrow more stuff from that repo soon ;))


MRT Stations Average Daily/Hourly Passenger Volume in December 2018, Visualized

Map: Tap ins and tap outs at each MRT station for selected hour and day type (weekday/ weekend).

DailyMap: Similar to Map but summed across the day. I.e. tap ins and tap outs at each MRT station for selected day type.

DailyVol: Comparing total tap ins and tap outs across the day for each MRT station. Sort to find high volume/ low volume stations, and which stations are busier on weekdays or weekends.

DailyVolPiv: Similar to DailyVol but transposed to compare volume of tap ins, tap outs and day types at individual MRT stations. E.g. instead of which station is busier on weekday or weekend, find out whether a station is busier on weekday or weekend (spoiler alert, none are busier on weekends).

HourlyVol: Passenger volume patterns for each MRT station across the day (by day type).



Anything you’d like to see? Thoughts about these charts? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Busiest MRT Stations in December?

  1. Zhi Hao Reply


    Interesting infographics you have there.

    I tried to look got the source of data in LTA datamall but it seems like I cannot download or this dataset is non-existant.

    Would you care to share with me how you downloaded these data or send me the data files?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Aaron Post authorReply

      Hi Zhi Hao, I’ve just tried to access the endpoint, seems like it’s currently having issues. I guess they’ll fix it soon (I hope!). Unfortunately I don’t have the data files with me. Will try again later this week and let you know if it’s working!

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