Why are we here?


It’s been a good 2 years on my journey into data analytics. Starting out with zero knowledge of coding, data infrastructure and statistics, I waded my way into the world of data science, with lots of support from mentors, peers, colleagues, and of course, the internet. 2 years on, I’m nowhere near an expert, but there’re a couple of cool (and not so cool) things here and there that I can do and that I thought might be useful sharing.


If you’re new to the field, contemplating entering the field, or clueless and would like a clue on what this is all about, I hope to be able to share my experience, as well as learning tools I have found useful, to help you get started as quickly as possible in gaining an understanding of data and analytics.


If you have some experience in data and analytics, join me as I continue on my quest to wrest control and tame this enormous and ever growing beast. Like fire, data is an amazing servant, but a terrible master. Together we’ll find the simplest of ideas and tools that’ll deliver the maximum impact. No bells or whistles, just getting the job done.


All aboard!


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